Warm Winter-Does it Change Anything?

When we have an unseasonably warm winter like we’ve had in the Triad area of North Carolina does that mean that your lawn and landscape plans need to change? Usually not. Even though it has been warm up to now, if we move too quickly and stress plants or start new growth then we may pay the price if we get just one severe cold snap. Better to stick to your maintenance plan and be safe.

You can take advantage of the warm days but taking the time to clear out debris from the winter. You may want to take use the cleared sight lines to imagine your landscape in full bloom and clear out unwanted plants and invasive species. If you have any hardscape that needs repair this might be the time to do it before vines, shrubs and plantings block your access.

Lastly, take advantage of the warm winter by getting out in your yard and enjoying it. No one says you have to wait ’til Spring to pull out the grill. Sixty degrees and a sunny afternoon is a great day for a cookout no matter what time of year.

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